New Orleans is known for a few famous streets, one of those being the shopping corider of this town.  Magazine street is bustling shopping district, featuring hundreds of local specialty and boutique shops.  Along with the endless shopping found on Magazine St, there is the culture of New Orleans, the Arts district, the bars and restaurants..
Including The Standard!

There are plenty of places to get Cajun Food, Mexican Food, Seafood, but is there a place to get just a regular American Meal? New Orleans is all about 'being different' but how many of the restaurants you eat at, serve the same thing as the last one? The Standard is unlike any other restaurant in town, in the sense that is offers you regular food that you would find at any neighborhood restaurant-- except one in New Orleans.  Of course there is a cajun spice to it, but there is literally something for everyone at The Standard.  Check out our menu to see what we have for you!

The Standard